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How to customize Membership exclusive content benefits

Subamplify is an excellent subscription tool that provides Shopify store owners with an array of features to enhance their customer experience. One of these features is the ability to provide exclusive content to paying members on a monthly basis. In this article, we will explore why exclusive content is awesome for Shopify customers and how it can benefit both the store owner and the customer.

Why is exclusive content awesome for Shopify customers?

  1. Value: By providing exclusive content to paying members, Shopify stores are offering their customers something that they cannot find anywhere else. This creates a sense of exclusivity and value for the customer.

  2. Loyalty: Customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they feel that they are receiving something special. By offering exclusive content to paying members, Shopify stores can foster a sense of loyalty and community among their customers.

  3. Engagement: Exclusive content can help to increase customer engagement with the brand. By providing content that is not available to non-members, Shopify stores can incentivize customers to become paying members and engage with the brand more frequently.

  4. Differentiation: Offering exclusive content can help Shopify stores to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By providing something that other stores do not offer, they can attract and retain customers who are looking for something unique.

  5. Revenue: Providing exclusive content can also be a source of additional revenue for Shopify stores. By charging a membership fee, stores can generate a steady stream of income from their most loyal customers.

How to create Exclusive Content benefits?

  1. Click Add Content at the bottom of your edit benefit screen


  2. Here you can specify the initial view of your content, the Title, Description and Image will be displayed as a thumbnail for your customers before they see the full content: a taster of what's to come. Example of how it looks:


  3. Once saved you can click on the Design option to start building your exclusive content


  4. Let you inspiration run free with our awesome content editor...whatever you wanna build for your customers, we have it. Just go nuts!