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How to customize Membership only discount benefits

Subamplify is a powerful subscription tool designed specifically for Shopify users. One of the features we support is the ability for store owners to supply member-only discounts to their paying members on a monthly basis. With Subamplify, it has never been easier to create and manage subscription-based services with member-only discounts.

Why are Member Only Discounts are Important for a Shopify Store?

Member-only discounts are a great way to incentivize customers to become paying members and increase revenue for your Shopify store. By offering exclusive discounts to members, you can make them feel valued and appreciated, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Furthermore, member-only discounts can help differentiate your store from competitors and increase your overall sales. By offering discounts that are exclusive to members, you can incentivize customers to choose your store over others and increase their perceived value of being a member.

How to set up Member Only Discount Benefit in your Shopify Membership?

Before we can begin to modify how the Free Shipping benefit helps your customers, we must enable it by clicking the toggle:


Once enabled, we can edit your benefit by clicking the following:


How to create Member Only Discount benefits?

  1. Click Add Discount at the bottom of your edit benefit screen


  2. First of all, specify your unique Discount code, remember each code has to be unique to your store

  3. Next, set whether you want a percentage or fixed price discount value


  4. Decide if you want the discount to be applied to subscription & one time products, only subscription products, or only one time products

  5. Next step is Purchase requirement, these settings dictate the minimum required purchase before a customer can use their own free shipping discount. E.g. if the discount has a requirement of $100, then any order $99.99 or below will not benefit from the discount.


  6. Next step is Usage limits, decide if the discount code is available to 1 or many customers, and if 1 customer can use more than once when checking out


  7. Finally, assign the active dates for a discount. Discounts are automatically set a start date as the date they are created but their end date can be up to you