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How to customize your Membership Product settings

As an e-commerce business owner, you know the importance of recurring revenue for your Shopify store. One of the best ways to achieve this is by offering a subscription service to your customers. And with Subamplify, it has never been easier to create and manage subscription-based services.

Subamplify is a powerful subscription tool designed specifically for Shopify users. It supports a variety of features, including the ability to create a membership-based subscription that provides special benefits to your customers.

Why are Membership Subscriptions important to Shopify store owners?

Membership subscriptions are a great way to build customer loyalty and increase revenue. By offering a subscription service, you can provide your customers with special benefits that they can't get anywhere else. These benefits can include free shipping, member-only discounts, and exclusive content.

Additionally, membership subscriptions can help you create a more predictable revenue stream for your Shopify store. With a membership-based subscription, you can count on a steady flow of recurring revenue each month or year.

How to enable and edit my Membership Subscription?

Subamplify makes it easy for merchants to manage their membership settings. Here are the steps to update your membership settings in the merchant dashboard:

  1. Open your Subamplify dashboard

  2. Click the side menu item Membership Product

  3. Then click the Settings sub menu item

  4. Choose the settings which best serve the membership you wish to serve in your store (each of these settings will be applied to a Shopify product in you store).

  5. Click Save when you're done

  6. Once saved, head on over to your benefits, start customising how your customers benefit from being a member