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How to customize the Subscription Widget for your Shopify product page

A visually appealing product page on Shopify can have a significant impact on increasing conversions. This is because a well-designed product page can grab the attention of potential customers, create a professional and trustworthy impression of your brand, and showcase your product's features in an engaging way.

By using high-quality product images, an attractive color scheme, and an organized layout, you can make your product page stand out and draw more customers in. This can help to increase customer confidence and make them more likely to make a purchase.

Understand the Subamplify Subscription Widget

  1. One Time Purchase verbiage: customize the text for the selection of purchasing a product once, rather than in a recurring subscription

  2. Subscription verbiage: customize the text for the selection of purchasing a product in a recurring subscription

  3. Delivered every verbiage: customize the text for the dropdown selection of the subscription frequency, e.g. Delivered every 1 month

  4. Background color: customize the background color of the widget

  5. Font color: customize the overall font color of the widget

  6. Dropdown background color: customize the background of the dropdown used for subscription frequency



How to update my Subscription Widget?

Subamplify makes it easy for merchants to customize their Subscription Widget. Here are the steps to update your Subscription Widget in the merchant dashboard:

  1. Open your Subamplify dashboard

  2. Click the side menu item Storefront

  3. Then click the Subscription Widget sub menu item

  4. Use the visual representation on the right hand side to help style the widget with your Shopify store design

  5. Click Save when you're done