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How to Get Help

Check out the different ways to get help

There are currently 4 ways you can get help with your Shopify store at Subamplify:

  1. Contact us through our Live Chat, this is a great way to get quick answers to any questions that you may have. Simply click Send Message on the dashboard Help section or click the blue message icon in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard.


  2. If you'd prefer to send us an email, you can do so at or by clicking Send Email on the dashboard Help section. We'll aim to respond to your query within 24 hours.


  3. Alternatively, you can check out our dedicated documentation site for more information on all the features we offer. Simply search for your query and a list of related results will appear.


  4. Want to connect with like-minded ecommerce store owners? Check out our friendly Facebook community. You can do so by navigation to or clicking Join the Community on the dashboard Help section.