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How to add a Subscription Product

Sell any existing product in your store as a subscription

By Tom Dallimore
November 30, 2022

Subscription-based models have gained popularity in recent years, providing customers with the convenience of receiving products on a recurring basis while also providing merchants with a steady stream of revenue and building customer loyalty. This article will explain how to create a subscription product using Shopify and Subamplify.

Step 1: Selecting a Product from your Shopify store

To start creating a subscription product, you need to select a Shopify product* from your store to associate with the subscription product:

  1. Open your Subamplify dashboard

  2. Click the side menu item Products

  3. Then click Add Product in the top right hand corner to open the form

  4. Under Add a product into Subamplify select the Shopify product you would like to use

*You can only use each Shopify product once within your Subamplify account.

Step 2: Select Subscription Type

Select one of the following subscription-type options. This determines how customers can purchase a specific product.

Subscription Type


One Time and subscription

This option is used for products where you want the customer to have a choice between purchasing the item on a one-off basis or subscribing to it on a recurring basis.

Subscription Only

This option only allows customers to subscribe to the product without being given a choice to purchase it as a one-off.

Step 3: Add a discount (optional)

To further incentivize customers to subscribe, merchants can offer a discount on their subscription products. This can be done by setting a percentage discount on the subscription product .Offering discounts alongside one-time products can be a powerful way to drive subscriptions and build customer loyalty.

  1. Under Set up a discount, select Percentage %

  2. Use the slider below to set your desired discount percentage


Step 4: Set your rebilling schedule

Once you've selected your product and set any discounts, the next step is to set your rebilling schedule. Merchants can add multiple rebilling schedules to a subscription product, determining the frequency at which they want to charge customers and ship products. The rebilling schedule is set with an interval and a frequency, which can be either days, months, or weeks.

  1. Click Add Schedule button to create multiple schedules

  2. Set the Interval and Frequency type from for each schedule


Step 5: Save your subscription product

Once you're happy with your new subscription product, click Save.

Subamplify will then sync the subscription properties to the product in your store. The subscription widget should appear on the product page, providing customers with the option of purchasing the product as a subscription:

Contact the Subamplify Support Team if you run into any issues or have any questions.

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